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5 November 2014
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8 November 2014

Special Canada!

I get a lot of requests from our Canadian friends to know where they can buy their anabolic products.

You are more and more on this side of the Atlantic so I decided to do my little investigation.

I specify in advance that I have not made a test orders on these sites as I usually do. But from all Canadian sites, only two really stand out.

Confirmation given by the reference of coaching in Canada, we all like to watch his videos (YouTube channel)

Marc-Antoine is one of the canadian reference in the field of body transformations and who speak freely;

Besides, if you have to train in Quebec City, you’re at home at https://www.marcantoinegrondin.com/ club Hellbarbell. The only semi-private club in Quebec City. The Hellbarbell Club gives you access to a large area of training.



Here are the site we advise for our Canadian friends:
(last update: April 2018)


MediStar Pharmaceutical Canada

A Canadian brand for Canadians. According to my sources, the delivery is really reliable and fast and with quality products.


If you know of other Canadian sites, feel free to leave a comment below.




  1. Elroymacklin says:

    Need help w/ muscle lost Neuropathy could u help me out w/testsrone that can help!!!!

    • Testomania says:


      I advise you to send an email on this link: https://en.testo-steroids.com/free-bodybuilding-coaching.
      You will be better advised.

  2. alex says:

    i was scammed almost 2k first order went fine after that scammed

  3. Halstead says:

    Placed my second order with this source. They replied promptly saying that the products I had ordered were out of stock at the moment. Products will be stocked next week. They have implemented their website so that the transactions are easier and smoother than before.

    Rating: 3
  4. Barry says:

    I have made two orders from special Canada. Delivery is fast, packages are discreetly packed. Generally this is a reliable supplier.

  5. Tonny says:

    I love their testosterone.

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